Affichage des articles du août, 2013

Bangui (Central African Republic): International blackout on mass killings and human rights violations

Killings of unarmed civilians in Boy-Rabe quarter on 21 and 22 August 2013 by heavily armed death squads
By Rebecca Tickle 

Between last Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 August, as we were running to Bangui M'Poko airport to catch our flight to Brazzaville out of developping hell, over 100 civilians were executed in Boy-Rabe in a pouring tropical rain. Panic-stricken mothers were seen running and dragging their children in the mud-swollen streets to seek asylum in neighboring areas of the town. The local Red-Cross is not in a position to make an account of the exact number of casualties, but people are trying hard to bring ends together for the number of deaths and wounded.

After a moment of intense machine-gun shooting within the Boy-Rabe area on Tuesday around 4 pm under heavy rain, practically 60% of Bangui was overwhelmed by dispersed Kalashnikov shooting. In Boeing near M'Poko airport, a student witnessed the shooting of a university math’s professor.
In Boy-Rabe, one of our …