Only the Greeks can make Greece a better place

May 6, 2012
By Rebecca Tickle

Here we are in some of the darkest hours in the life of modern Greece. One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with it's pictoresque coasts and islands, mysterious and secretive mountains, and it's richest historical testimony of man's wisdom and ingeniosity. Like many countries of the world, Greece has also a very painful history, and has reached modernity through the fiercest struggles and sacrifices. 

The life of a Nation is made of choices, and Greece today is lucky not to be in a dictatorship, where decisions and sanctions are imposed upon the people in the midst of brutal state repression. Immense frustration though, and the economic sanctions coming from outside, undermining the power of decision of Government, are felt by most Greeks today as gross violation of their soveignty. The time has come for them to decide where do they want to go now ! To the left ? To the right? To the extremes on either sides....... ? Whatever they chose, what difference will it make if their mind doesn't examine itself !

History teaches us that unfortunately deep crisis often leads to extremist thinking, as political thinking is based on circumstances and omnipotent frustration and a profound desire for social peace and stability. The Greeks feel profoundly betrayed and have been blinded by successive left/right wing rotten, selfish and completely corrupt leadership since at least 1974 when the Papadopoulos junta fell.

Some may argue they just get the leadership they deserve! Maybe they should just wake up, think more about their own attitudes, and stop pretending they have no responsibility in today's crisis, pretending they saw nothing come. A State is not only Government, but also a people that should be aware of it's power and use it in the name of demo-cracy, thus ruling by the people for the people.

In a time where most people have just been for many years limiting their political thinking to their own petty personal interests, the feeling of service to the Nation has completely disappeared from the political scene. We can just hope that this crisis will help my brothers and sisters to think on the building of wiser and more ethical social and political behaviours. So many great warriors have fought for the rights of the people of Greece and have given independence to their fatherland, as long ago as 1821. Kolokotronis, Karaiskakis, Kanaris, and so many others fought so hard. The closest of those to me was Sir Giannis Dimoulitsas "O Patatoukos" from Parga in Epirus, north-west of Greece, and I had learned all about his heroic efforts in his participation to free Greece from Ottoman rule.

The greek pride we all know so well should bring our minds back to all those who sacrificed their lives for the Nation, in their unconditional struggle against the 4 century-old Ottoman occupation. Too many lives were lost, too many women raped and children massacred as seeds of resistance. Bloodshed in the name of a free and emancipated country should never been forgotten.

I can only conclude my Sunday afternoon thoughts about a country I know so well for having lived with it over 20 years, to the extent that it had become as dear to me as my fatherland, that only the Greek people can save Greece and make it a better place. No Government can be above the people. Power of the Greeks through matured patterns of behaviours and political thinking in the interest of the whole community is what sovereignty of the Greek Nation is all about today.