Central African Republic: Friday 21st January 2011, 2 days before general presidential elections

January 21, 2011
By Rebecca Tickle

Can you imagine that today in the Central African Republic, where the election are held this coming Sunday, the voting lists have not been publicised yet, and the polling stations have not been indicated anywhere. In 2 days 2.5 millions Centralafricans are supposed to be voting their next President.  But everybody knows very well that General-President Bozizé has absolutely no intention of giving up power. One son is the minister of defense, another one is the chief of the secret police, and the nephew is the minister of the mining sector.

So what is the so-called international community going to do? And what about the African Union?

The country is one of Africa's main uranium reserves, french company AREVA has been looting the country's reserves by accepting to collaborate with a completely corrupt and thieving Bozizé family, together with other french and western companies looting the diamond and gold reserves. Since his brutal coup d’état in 2003, and the according “fare and transparent” election in 2005, Bozizé and his clan have been selling the country out to a completely conscious international community.

The result is that life expectancy at birth has gone down to 37 years old, no electricity outside Bangui the capital, where there is power only 1 week out of three, no proper hospitals outside Bangui, and just one in the capital, no drinking water, a very low rate of literacy as well as outrageous HIV prevalence figures. In the country, thousands of villagers have abandoned their houses, having fled the violent clashes between rebel groups and state army. The latter has been burning down houses when collusion with rebels is suspected.  At the same time, the army is not capable of ensuring the sovereignty of the 623 000 km2 of the country nor the safety of its people that has been suffering from general and severe road insecurity because of widespread and violent banditry and kidnappings, as well as recurrent Ugandan LRA attacks in many parts in the East of the country.

Many villagers live in the bush, drinking water from mud swamps, with not health care, no schools, no nothing. In the meantime General President Bozizé is looting the countries reserves and emptying the State Treasure before it even starts filling.

What is the international community doing?

Various United Nations agencies as well as big NGO’s are absolutely packed in Bangui. What are they doing there? Ordinary western employees have become diamond or gold businessmen. And the fate of the centralafricans is just going worse every day.

When you see the completely biased international community in Ivory Coast, what can you expect in the Central African Republic! A two-geared interference system is what has taken over Africa today, in the midst of a completely powerless African people. The times of slavery in chains is coming back soon.

Africans really have to wake up and should stop saying that what is happening to their neighbours is not their business. It is only when they are to gain something that is suddenly become their business, as with greedy and irresponsible Goodluck Jonathan wanting to interfere in Ivory Coast on behalf of the greedy and brutal France and international community.

God save Africa!!!!